AgustaWestland operators - MY FLEET

MY FLEET is the AgustaWestland Customer Support & Services Italy website section designed with the aim of providing services to the Customers and facilitating the exchange of information; maintaining the highest standard of data security.

MYFLEET is, organized in 4 sub-sections:

“My Profile” - Customers can specify the mailing address and contact details of various people in their organization. In this sub-section Customers can also list the helicopters that they manage, indicating also if each helicopter is owned, operated or maintained by them. For each helicopter, AgustaWestland kindly requests Customers to update periodically the total flight hours.

“Warranties” sub-section - Customers can submit to AgustaWestland their MMIR (Maintenance Malfunction Information Report) and check the current status of each MMIR after submittal. Real-time information regarding the warranty request is available including if it is under evaluation by AgustaWestland and if it has been accepted or rejected. The MMIR submitted to AgustaWestland in accordance with COMP or GSP Service Plans can also be forwarded by means of this section.

“Communication” sub-section is a generic area where Customers can address any doubt, comment, remark or enquiry to AgustaWestland, indicating the addressee of the communication and specifying to whom the relevant answers have to be provided.

“Technical Publications” sub-section is designed in order to allow commercial Customers to consult directly through the Internet the following complete technical documentation subject to subscription:
  • Technical Bulletins, Information Letters, Service Instructions.
  • Technical Publications Index, including files of latest revisions published in pdf format.
  • Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETP) of the A119, A109A/AII, A109C, A109K2, A109E, A109S, AW109SP and AW139 helicopters fully downloadable to your computer.
  • Complete A119, A109E, A109S, AW109SP and AW139, Civil Rotorcraft Flight Manuals in pdf format.
  • Complete A119, A109A/AII, A109C, A109K2, A109E, A109S, AW109SP, AW139, AB 412 and AB206 Civil Maintenance Planning Manuals in pdf format.
  • All active Temporary Maintenance Instructions in pdf format.
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