To ensure AgustaWestland Ltd meets its responsibilities under current health and safety legislation, the Company has implemented arrangements comprising:
  • Health and safety assessment of contractors and sub-contractors via questionnaire (WA3589) and supplementary interviews where necessary
  • General Conditions of Work on Site (WA1918) to be observed by all contractors, sub contractors and their personnel
  • Induction training for all contractors and sub contractors personnel
  • Health and safety passports for term contractors personnel
  • Health and safety policy HSP2050 - Controlling Contractors
  • Health and safety policy HSP2051 - Permits to Work
  • Contractor disciplinary procedure
  • Supporting Safety Instructions, ie. SI31 - Roof Safety and SI32 - Safe Use of MEWP
The above documents can all be accessed via this website by the links below.
All contractors and sub-contractors visiting the AgustaWestland Ltd site to undertake work on buildings, plant, equipment and/or infrastructure services, must have submitted a WA3589 questionnaire and signed agreement to the WA1918 General Conditions of Work on Site prior to the visit.

Please note: Personnel requiring access to the site must have gained security clearance as detailed in WA1918.