The Green Rotorcraft

Rotorcraft operations are expected to grow sharply in the future being considered a competitive and affordable mode of transportation for point to point connection, compared with road transport and with reduced impact on infrastructures. The future ATS (Air Traffic System) model will include rotorcraft contribution based on both current and future technologies primarily addressing environmental impact reduction.
The “greening” of ATS is one of the main goal of the European Commission 7th Framework Programme for collaborative research in which a dedicate Joint Technology Initiative has been launched with the aim of accelerating the required technology development. The “Clean Sky” JTI consists of 6 Integrated Technology Demonstrators and a Technology Evaluator that will assess the achievable environmental impact reduction

The Green Rotorcraft ITD

The GRC main goals are relative to the reduction of perceived noise and pollutant gaseous emissions produced by rotorcraft helicopters and tilt-rotors.

Technical Approach

External noise reduction
Innovative rotor blades will be developed by using both passive and active control technologies in order to reduce noise and fuel consumption.

Cleaner and more efficient power use
Active and passive methodologies will be used to reduce drag and increase rotorcraft efficiency.
Electrical system technologies will be developed to increase systems efficiency and reduce the use of hydraulics (more electric rotorcraft).

Environmentally friendly flight path
Advanced flight procedures will be developed in order to minimise pollutant emissions and noise taking care of air navigation / ATM constraints.

GRC will participate to research activities in the EcoDesign ITD and peculiar studies will be performed on rotorcraft technologies and component production.

Technical Evaluator

Interfacing and direct contribution will be performed to the assessment and evaluation of actual impact of selected technologies for rotorcraft.

The Programme combines seven technology sub-programmes and one management package.