Industrial Excellence in the United Kingdom

• AgustaWestland is Britain’s only helicopter manufacturer that retains a complete indigenous design, development, production, manufacturing and support capability.

• Based in Somerset, AgustaWestland is deeply embedded in the UK’s advanced manufacturing base and directly employs 3,280 people, while supporting a further 10,000 jobs in the supply chain including 650 small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

AgustaWestland’s revenue in Britain during 2011 was over £1.1 billion procuring almost £1 billion of products and services from  the UK supply chain.

Aircraft production has been undertaken at the Yeovil site since 1915, both for the military and civil market, with iconic models such as the Spitfire and the Dragonfly.

• Best known for its military helicopters such as the Apache AH Mk.1, AW101 Merlin and Super Lynx 300 used today by British armed forces, AgustaWestland reintroduced civil production with the AW169 and AW189 in order to transform the business, reducing the reliance on military orders, toward a more balanced and sizeable customer base.

• The focus on developing greater civil production will mean greater retention of key design and engineering skills, the ability to increase the apprenticeship programme beyond the current 178 people, expanding links with universities and keeping the UK at the cutting edge of research and development.

• As part of the transformation strategy, AgustaWestland plans to produce the AW189 Search & Rescue variant in the UK - it is expected to create or secure 1,450 jobs at AgustaWestland and across the UK supply chain and capture over £2 billion in export revenues over 10 years. The AW189 will be the only complete civil aircraft produced in the UK for a generation.

• The Company has a proven track record of supporting the UK’s armed forces by delivering helicopters to very high specifications and individually tailored – most recently the on-time and on-budget delivery of the Lynx AH Mk9 and the AW159 Wildcat.

• Over the last 4 years AgustaWestland UK has been investing significantly in civil aviation, and is extremely proud to be playing a central role in industry as part of the Aerospace Growth Partnership between Industry and Government in advancing aerospace technologies and creating high technology jobs in the UK with commercial aircraft such as the AW169 and the AW189.


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