Research & Development

AgustaWestland firmly believes in investing in R&D to offer the widest range of solutions for both current and forthcoming customer needs. The company expands existing product capabilities, installs state-of-the-art technologies in its future programmes and develops revolutionary rotorcraft.
The company is not only investing in its own technology research but it is also a member of the European Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative, as co-leader of the Green Rotorcraft Integrated Technology Demonstration, which is researching external noise reduction technologies, cleaner and more efficient use of power, as well as environmentally friendly flight paths.

AgustaWestland is also studying advanced Tiltrotor concepts: by providing turboprop performance combined with helicopter flexibility, the result will be a new generation of rotorcraft with an innovative approach to a wide range of missions.
Innovation is at the heart of AgustaWestland’s strategy. The company has the engineering expertise to undertake all stages of design, development and manufacture of new helicopters and tiltrotor aircraft, including integration of advanced avionic systems, also based on in-house software development capacity.

This total capability permits AgustaWestland to develop the latest generation of rotorcraft that, through their high level of system integration, meets the most demanding current and future operational requirements.