The AW101 combines the most advanced technologies, mission systems and manufacturing expertise with a proven aircraft design. With the largest cabin in its class and with stand-up head room, excellent safety features and incorporating the latest in vibration reduction technology the AW101 is ideally suited to both the VVIP Head of State transport and to Commercial roles including long range Search and Rescue and Disaster Relief.  


The AW101 is the largest helicopter in its class and sets new standards for safety, comfort, economy and capability with a cabin for 30 passengers plus a rear baggage bay. A 1.83 m high cabin providing stand up head room and low levels of vibrations, due to an active vibration reduction system, make the AW101 the best helicopter for VIP and Heads of State transport applications. The AW101 provides the customer with a limitless range of cabin layouts with seating for 10 to 30 passengers and an extensive list of options for safety, security and entertainment systems.
The AW101 is a versatile medium/large Commercial Utility helicopter capable of performing a wide range of roles, including Offshore Passenger Transport, Search and Rescue, Utility Transport and Medical Evacuation. It meets the modern market demands for safety and performance, including compliance with 20G crashworthiness requirements, a proven 30-minute run dry transmission system, class-leading one engine inoperative safety and extensive redundancy in flight critical systems. The spacious cabin, low levels of vibration and internal noise make the AW101 the best helicopter for transportation of passengers, medical patients, equipment and cargo. These features coupled with exceptional range and endurance provides customers with inherent multi-role flexibility to satisfy a diverse range of commercial roles.

Technical Data

Max take Off (int. / ext loads) 15600 kg 34392 lb

Engine Rating (3 x CT7-8E)
Take-Off power (5 min) 3 x 1884 kW 3 x 2527 shp
Intermediate (30 min) 3 x 1855 kW 3 x 2488 shp
Maximum Continuous Power 3 x 1522 kW 3 x 2041 shp
OEI Max Contingency (2 min) 2 x 1880 kW 2 x 2522 shp


Fuel Capacity (VVIP version)
4 cell tanks (self-sealing) 4094 l 1081 USgal

Fuel Capacity (Utility version)
5 cell tanks (self-sealing) 5135 l 1357 USgal

Pilot 2
Passengers 30

External Dimensions
Overall length 22,83 m 74,92 ft
Overall height 6,66 m 21,83 ft
Main rotor diameter 18.60 m 61,00 ft

Cruise speed 278 km/h 150 kt
Hovering IGE 3307 m 10850 ft
Max Range (Utility version) 1363 km 735 nm
Max Range (VVIP version) 1000 km 540 nm
Max Endurance (Utility version) 6 h 30 min


  • Robust airframe, designed to satisfy latest crashworthiness requirements
  • Three powerful CT7-8E engines with integral inlet particle separators
  • Composite main and tail rotor blades with optional ice protection
  • Retractable tricycle landing gear with steering and braking system
  • Four crashworthy, self sealing fuel tanks, including fuel gauging system
  • Three independent hydraulic systems
  • 2 x 90 kVA generators, 1 x 25 kVA generator, 1 x 25 Ahr battery
  • Large forward and rear airstair doors (VVIP version)
  • Large sliding door and rear ramp apertures (Utility version)
  • Full Ice Protection System
  • Emergency Flotation Gear
  • 14 Man life raft (up to 2)


  • NVG compatible glass cockpit with 5 off multi-configurable 10” x 8” LCD units
  • Two Aircraft Mission Management Computers (AMMCs) with Data Transfer Module
  • Two Multifunction Control and Display Units (MCDUs)
  • Dual duplex digital automatic flight control system
  • Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS)
  • Integrated standby instruments
  • Comprehensive communication and navigation suite
  • Cockpit and cabin intercommunication system
  • Nose mounted Search/Weather radar
  • Electro-Optics sighting system
  • Digital Map system
  • TCAS
  • Doppler Velocity Sensor
  • Obstacle Warning System
  • Direction Finder
  • Mission data recorder


  • Search and Rescue Role Equipment
  • Passenger Transport Cabin Configuration
  • Emergency Medical Treatment Modules
  • High Specification VVIP Configuration, including:
  • Customised interior finishing
  • Toilet and Galley modules
  • VVIP, Staff and Security seating
  • Baggage stowage(s) and Wardrobes
  • In Flight Entertainment System
  • Armoured protection in cockpit, cabin and seats
  • High capacity Air Conditioning System


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