AW101 (Military)
The AW101 is the medium/heavy multi-role platform of choice in its class with extensive operational experience gathered in both the Land and Maritime environments. It benefits from a modern design with embedded safety-enhancing features.  Based on a common airframe and core system, it is configured to meet diverse roles for pre-dominantly Maritime and Utility tasks.  The large cabin can carry up to 38 troops on crashworthy seats or 16 stretcher patients.  Three GE CT7-8E engines, with a two engine cruise option to extend range or endurance, provide unparalleled performance in all environments.  Agility, range, and endurance coupled with a comprehensive advanced avionics and mission system suite enable the aircraft to fulfil multiple tasks in one mission.  Roles include troop transport, casualty evacuation, tactical and amphibious support, combat SAR, disaster relief, anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare, airborne mine countermeasures, long range search and rescue (SAR), maritime interdiction and airborne surveillance and area control (ASAC).


For Airborne Early Warning/Airborne surveillance and Area Control missions, the AW101 is equipped with a 360º air surveillance radar and an integrated mission system with tactical two-way datalink.
For Airborne Mine Countermeasure, the AW101 can be equipped with current and future AMCM towed equipment. AW101 long range mission endurance is ideal for mine hunting neutralisation and sweeping missions.
The AW101 is ideally suited for Amphibious Support role due to its fully marinised airframe, large cabin for 26 fully equipped troops (38 lightly equipped), cargohook for underslung loads and rear ramp which allows easy cabin access.
The AW101 has the power and performance for autonomous, anti-submarine warfare and anti-surface warfare due to a fully integrated mission system with dipping sonar and sonobuoys, and a complete EW suite.
» C-SAR 
For Combat Search and Rescue, the AW101 can be equipped with up to 3 window and door mounted guns, Defensive Aids Suite and air-to-air refueling equipment.
The AW101 has a range of over 730 nm (over 1300 km) and a cabin capable of carrying 26 fully equipped troops or over 5 tons of cargo and equipment. With the largest capacity cabin in its class, the AW101 offers greater mission flexibility. With five under floor fuel tanks, the AW101 can perform long range missions without auxiliary fuel tanks in the cabin.
» SAR 
With a range of 730 nm (over 1300 km) and a large capacity cabin, the AW101 is the world's most advanced and capable SAR helicopter available today. The AW101 has all the required attributes for a SAR helicopter: large cabin, long range, high cruise speed, all weather operating capability, reliability and safety. Its cabin can accomodate 30 plus survivors, SAR equipment and crew, and the cabin can be reconfigured in flight to meet mission requirements.

Technical Data

Max take Off (int. / ext. loads) 15600 kg 34392 lb

Engine Rating (3 x CT7-8E)
Take-Off power (5 min) 3 x 1884 kW 3 x 2527 shp
Intermediate (30 min) 3 x 1855 kW 3 x 2488 shp
Maximum Continuous Power 3 x 1522 kW 3 x 2041 shp
OEI Max Contingency (2 min) 2 x 1880 kW 2 x 2522 shp


Fuel Capacity (VVIP version)
4 cell tanks (self-sealing) 4094 l 1081 USgal

Fuel Capacity (Utility version)
5 cell tanks (self-sealing) 5135 l 1357 USgal

Pilot 2
Passengers 38

External Dimensions
Overall length 22,83 m 74,92 ft
Overall height 6,66 m 21,83 ft
Main rotor diameter 18.60 m 61,00 ft

Cruise speed 278 km/h 150 kt
Hovering IGE 3307 m 10850 ft
Max Range (Utility version) 1360 km 735 nm
Max Endurance (Utility version) 6 h 30 min


  • Robust airframe, designed to satisfy latest crashworthiness requirements
  • Three powerful CT7-8E engines with integral inlet particle separators
  • Composite main and tail rotor blades with optional ice protection
  • Retractable tricycle landing gear with steering and braking system
  • Five crashworthy, self sealing fuel tanks, including fuel gauging system
  • Three independent hydraulic systems
  • 2 x 90 kVA generators, 1 x 25 kVA generator, 1 x 25 Ahr battery
  • Large rear ramp for troop / cargo movements
  • Large sliding door for hoisting, fast roping, cargo loading
  • Sliding gunner windows in forward cabin
  • Air-to-Air Refueling probe
  • Hover in-flight refuelling provisions
  • Cabin cargo winch
  • Roller conveyor for palleted freight
  • Wire Strike Protection System
  • Formation lighting system
  • Primary and Secondary electric rescue hoists and hover trim controller
  • Fast roping/abseiling kit
  • Electric blade and tail fold
  • Cargo hook
  • Full Ice Protection System
  • Emergency flotation gear
  • 14 Man Life Raft (up to 2)


  • NVG compatible glass cockpit with 5 off multi-configurable 10” x 8” LCD units
  • Two Aircraft Mission Management Computers (AMMCs) with Data Transfer Module
  • Two Multifunction Control and Display Units (MCDUs)
  • Dual duplex digital automatic flight control system
  • Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS)
  • Integrated standby instruments
  • Comprehensive communication and navigation suite
  • Cockpit and cabin intercommunication system
  • Belly mounted 360 degree Surveillance Radar
  • Nose mounted Search / weather radar
  • Integrated mission console
  • Electro-Optics System
  • Digital map system
  • TCAS
  • Doppler velocity sensor
  • Obstacle Warning System
  • Direction Finder and Personnel Locator Systems
  • High intensity search light and loud speaker
  • Mission data recorder
  • Point-to-Point video uplink / downlink
  • Tactical Mission Computer, including Data Link
  • Active dipping sonar and sonobuoy dispensing
  • Helmet Mounted Display with optional tracker
  • Integrated Defensive Aids Suite, including missile, laser, radar warning, active countermeasures.


  • Armoured protection in cockpit, cabin and seats
  • Anti-ship missiles and torpedoes
  • Crew Served Weapons (3 x 12.7mm/7.62mm machine guns)
  • Multi-purpose rocket / cannon pods
  • Air to air missiles
  • Air to surface missiles


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