The AW119Kx, an evolution of the successful A119Ke, is a spacious top of the range single turbine helicopter developed to enhance safety levels and providing high productivity and performance at a competitive price.  A modern glass cockpit configured with Garmin’s G1000H(TM) Integrated Flight Deck system enhances situational awareness. The avionic suite comprises a Synthetic Vision System with Highway In The Sky (HITS) depiction, moving map and a Helicopter Terrain Avoidance Warning System (HTAWS) with worldwide terrain and obstacle database. The large unobstructed cabin permits rapid reconfiguration for a variety of missions such as passenger transport, emergency medical service, and law enforcement applications. The versatility and high power margins of the helicopter deliver outstanding performance in a wide range of operating conditions that make it a very cost-effective helicopter. AW119Kx VIP/Corporate customers can benefit from unparalleled comfort levels among single turbine helicopters in ‘club’ seating configuration of the cabin, which is separated from the cockpit area. A generous baggage compartment in the tail section accommodates up to 150 kg of luggage. A high passenger load combined with range capability has led the helicopter to be successfully introduced into Offshore applications. The Emergency Medical Service variant accommodates up to two stretchers and two medical attendants, in a fully medicalised cabin. When operational demands call for a single turbine powered helicopter, no other aircraft can match the cost effectiveness and superior performance of the AW119Kx.
With its large fuselage, the AW119Kx offers its 6/7 passengers a spacious cabin and both internal and external baggage space. The interiors can be customised to meet the highest standards of comfort. The AW119Kx is also provided with long range capability thanks to high fuel capacity.
Unique amongst light single turbine helicopters is AW119Kx’s ability to convert to a Medevac/EMS configuration that can accommodate up to two stretchers together with medical attendants. Full patient access is provided, without any intrusion into the cockpit area. The internal layout includes provision for the installation of all necessary medical equipment to treat patients whilst in transit. Two standard rails are positioned both in the cabin rear bulkhead and on the upper side panels which include outlets for oxygen, emergency air and power.
The AW119Kx can be equipped with the new Model 323 Fire Attack System, designed by Simplex, or with a more traditional Bambi bucket. The Model 323 features aerodynamic design characteristics that enable the AW119Kx to be flown at high speed for fire fighting missions. The system is designed for installation and removal in less than fifteen minutes, without the use of tools.
The AW119Kx provides exceptional versatility to support law enforcement roles and is equipped with special police equipment such as FLIR/LLTV camera, search light, loudspeaker and rappelling kit.
The AW119Kx is well suited for demanding offshore missions. It is fast and has the largest cabin and luggage capability of any helicopter in its class. For offshore missions, the AW119Kx can be equipped with air conditioning, Traffic Advisory System (TAS), ELT and skid mounted pop-out floats.

Technical Data

Max take off (int. loads) 2850 kg 6283  lb
Max take off (ext. loads) 3150 kg 6945 lb
Basic empty weights 1483 kg 3269 lb

Engine Rating (Pratt & Whitney PT6B-37A)
Take off 747 kW 1002 shp
Maximum continuous power 650 kW 872 shp

Transmission Rating
Take off 684 kW 917 shp
Maximum continuous power 671 kW 900 shp

Fuel Capacity
3-cell fuel system 605 l 160 USgal
4-cell fuel system 711 l 188 USgal
5-cell fuel system 870 l 230 USgal

Pilots / Passengers 1-2 / 7-6
External Dimensions
Length (rotors turning) 12.92 m 42 ft 05 in
Width (rotor blades at 45°) 7.76 m 25 ft 05 in
Maximum height 3.60 m 11 ft 10 in
Main rotor diameter 10.83 m 35 ft 06 in
Tail rotor diameter 1.94 m 6 ft 04 in
MR tip blade ground clearance 2.83 m 9 ft 03 in
TR tip blade ground clearance 1.15 m 3 ft 09 in
Fuselage ground clearance 0.63 m 2 ft 01 in
Performance (ISA, 2850 kg / 6283 lb)
VNE 282 km/h 152 kt
Max speed 244 km/h 131 kt
Rate of climb 9.1 m/s 1800 ft/s
Hovering IGE (TOP) 3352 m 11000 ft
Hovering OGE (TOP) 2225 m 7300 ft
Service ceiling (MCP) 4572 m 15000 ft
Max range* 954 km 515 nm
Max endurance* 5 h 20 min

* with 230 USgal fuel - no reserve - @ 5000 ft


  • 188 / 230 USgal fuel system
  • 28 Ah battery
  • Baggage compartment extension (up to 2.3 m)
  • Cargo hook (1400 kg / 3086 lb) with rear view mirror
  • Dual cargo hook (500 kg / 1102 lb)
  • Dual controls
  • Pulsed chip detectors
  • Emergency floats
  • Oxygen system
  • External hoist (204 kg / 450 lbs)
  • Fire fighting belly tank
  • Rappelling kit
  • Reinforced windshield
  • Retractable landing light 450 W
  • Rotor brake
  • Windshield wipers for pilot and co-pilot
  • Snow skis
  • Active Noise Reduction (ANR) headsets
  • Soundproofing
  • FLIR / LLTV camera
  • Search lights
  • Wire strike protection system


  • AC system (2 inverters)
  • AFCS 3-axis duplex
  • Independently powered stand-by electronic display
  • ICS pilot and co-pilot
  • Radio altimeter
  • Marker beacon
  • ELT
  • Garmin G1000H(TM) Integrated Flight Deck including:
  • Two 10.4-inch display units providing Primary Flight Display (PFD) and Multi-Function Display (MFD) information
  • Synthetic Vision System with Highway In The Sky (HITS) depiction
  • Helicopter Terrain Avoidance Warning System (HTAWS) with worldwide terrain and obstacle database
  • Moving map
  • Dual Integrated Avionics Unit (IAU) including: VHF/AM communication, VOR/ILS navigation, GPS/WAAS navigation, Aural Warning Generator (AWG), ADF and DME tuning interface
  • Mode S transponder with Extended Squitter (ES)
  • Flight data logging through SD card


  • Utility interior
  • Executive interior
  • VIP interior
  • EMS interior (single / dual stretcher)
  • Air conditioning
  • Bleed-air heater
  • Cabin loudspeakers
  • Foldable stretcher
  • Painted liners
  • Seats covered with fabric, leatherette or leather


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