The AW139 is a new generation intermediate twin-turbine helicopter setting new standards against which all intermediate twins are measured. Designed with inherent multi-role capability and flexibility of operation, the AW139 is capable of carrying up to 15 passengers at very high speed, in the most spacious and comfortable cabin in its category. The ample baggage compartment is accessible both from the cabin and externally. The AW139 provides the best power reserve of any helicopter in its class. As a brand new helicopter, it fully complies with the latest stringent requirements in terms of performance and safety. Its Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6C-67C turbines, together with a state-of-the-art 5-bladed main rotor, allow for a high cruise speed even in demanding conditions at all weights. The engines deliver an outstanding power to weight ratio, which allows Category “A” performance capabilities with no limitations in a wide range of operating conditions including ‘hot and high’. Leading edge technology includes a Honeywell Primus Epic fully integrated avionics system, a 4-axis digital AFCS and large flat panel colour displays in the cockpit. Full icing protection is available as an option. As a result of the new design approach, the AW139 uses fewer components, benefits from integrated avionics and provides easy accessibility to all systems for simplified maintenance tasks. The AW139 can be used for a wide range of applications including executive/VIP transport, EMS/SAR, offshore OGP support, fire fighting, law enforcement, paramilitary and military roles.

Designed to meet the rigorous standards of those who require the best, the AW139 surpasses all other intermediate helicopters in speed, range and OEI capability. With its sleek design, state of the art avionics and cabin space for up to 15 passengers, the AW139 is the only modern intermediate solution to meet the demanding requirements of the offshore operators.
The AW139 delivers best-in-class performance. Its exceptional OEI capability brings added confidence during rapid deployment of personnel. With its power reserve, the AW139 assures Category “A” (Class 1) superior performance from a helipad (elevated or at ground level) at maximum take-off weight. Excellent performance is granted for operations worldwide, even in extreme hot-and-high environments or harsh conditions.
Engineered to the highest safety standards the AW139 is constructed with energy-absorbing landing gear, fuselage and seats all designed to meet the rigorous JAR / FAR 29 standards. In addition the cockpit features excellent pilot visibility and redundant flight systems for reduced workload. High main and tailrotor ground clearance provides added safety for passengers and maintenance teams whilst on the ground. Modern HUMS is also available to maximise aircraft safety.
» SAR 
Search and Rescue crews will make good use of the AW139's greater cruise speed and higher useful load, while the aircraft's exceptional OEI capability will bring added confidence during rescues at sea. The aircraft's ability to reduce pilots' workload and operate in even the harshest environments will ensure SAR crews achieve their missions safely.
» EMS 
The internal dimensions of the large and unobstructed cabin of the AW139 makes it the best choice for primary and secondary EMS applications. The flat floor and ceiling provide maximum cabin flexibility for easy reconfiguration. An 8 cu. m cabin volume and a height of 1,42 m allows the medical attendants easy access to casualties. Litter layout ranges from two to four in MEDEVAC configuration.
The AW139 sets a new standard in the Law Enforcement intemediate helicopter market by surpassing all others in this weight class in versatility, performance, productivity. Developed to exceed the rigorous standards of federal, state and local airborne law enforcement authorities, the AW139 Law Enforcement aircraft achieves this by utilizing the most efficient, proven and advanced technologies and design criteria to achieve a very cost-effective helicopter. The integrated avionic system provides the basis for managing the sensors and comprehensive communications suite required for the law enforcement role.
The AW139’s refinement is matched by the highest standards in style and comfort. The spacious cabin provides flexibility for the most sophisticated requirements. The AW139’s baggage compartment, the largest in its class, can accommodate a wide range of cargo for business or personal flights. The AW139’s interior materials are the finest available, selected not only for beauty and value, but also to enhance the experience of flying.
With excellent handling and outstanding OEI performance the AW139 is ideally suited to the harbour pilot shuttle role as well as other maritime support tasks.

Technical Data

Max Take Off weight (MTOW) 6400 / 6800* kg 14110 / 14991* lb
Max useful load 2650 / 3050 kg 5843 / 6724 lb

Engine Rating (2 x  Pratt & Whitney PT6C - 67C)
Take off power (5 min) 2 x 1252 kW 2 x 1679 shp
Maximum continuous power 2 x 1142 kW 2 x 1531 shp
O.E.I. max contingency power 1396 kW 1872 shp
O.E.I. max continuous power 1252 kW 1679 shp


Transmission Rating
Take off power (5 min) 1641 kW 2200 shp
Maximum continuous power 1491 kW 2000 shp
O.E.I. min contingency power 1193 kW 1600 shp
O.E.I. max continuous power 1044 kW 1400 shp


Fuel Capacity
Standard 1568 l 414 USgal
Auxiliary 500 l 132 USgal

Pilots / passengers 1 - 2 / 15

External Dimensions
Length (rotors turning) 16.66 m 54 ft 08 in
Overall height 4.98 m 16 ft 04 in
Main rotor diameter 13.80 m 45 ft 03 in

Performance (ISA, 6400 kg / 14110 lb)
VNE (SL) 310 km / h 167 kts
Max cruise speed (SL) 306 km / h 165 kts
Rate of climb (SL) > 10.9 m / s > 2140 ft / min
Hovering IGE (TOP) 4682 m 15360 ft
Hovering OGE (TOP) 2478 m 8130 ft
Service ceiling (MCP) 6096 m 20000 ft
Max range ** 1250 km 675 nm
Max endurance ** 5 h 56 m

          * An optional MTOW (Internal) of 6800 kg (14881) lb is available as a kit
         ** With 1654 kg fuel - no reserve - @ 6000 ft



  • Engine air particle separators
  • Closed circuit refuelling system
  • Auxiliary fuel tank (500 litres / 132 USgal)
  • Full Ice Protection System (FIPS)
  • Wire strike protection
  • Blade folding and ship deck mooring
  • Single/dual rescue hoist (272 kg / 600 lb) with hoist light and monitoring camera
  • Fast roping/rappelling
  • Cargo hook (2200 kg / 4850 lb) with monitoring cameras
  • External loudspeakers
  • Self contained EMS/MEDEVAC kit
  • Snow skis/Slump protection pads
  • Cabin bubble windows
  • Emergency floats
  • Life rafts
  • Search lights
  • Marking for high visibility main rotor blades
  • Customized painting scheme with metallic colours
  • All weather covers


  • Cockpit Voice Recorder & Flight Data Recorder (CVR/FDR)
  • Weather radar
  • Weather/search radar
  • 4-axis Digital Automatic Flight Control System (DAFCS) with SAR modes & FMS SAR patterns
  • Mode S diversity transponder with Extended Squitter (ADSB-Out)
  • Two GPS modules (GNSS/SBAS - Global Navigation Satellite System/Satellite Based Augmentation System)
  • Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS)
  • Helicopter Operations Monitoring Programme (HOMP)
  • NVG compatibility (cockpit, cabin & external lights)
  • SATCOM Iridium satellite phone
  • TCAS I & II
  • FLIR
  • Digital HD video recorder
  • Video downlink
  • Helicopter Emergency Exit Light System (HEELS)
  • Auto-Deployable ELT (ADELT)
  • Moving map
  • Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS)
  • Enhanced Vision System (EVS)
  • HF radios
  • Tactical radios
  • Maritime radios


  • Passenger cabin hinged doors
  • Silent/Super silent/Extra silent soundproofing
  • Electrically operated passenger steps (left and right)
  • Environmental Control System
  • Active Noise Reduction (ANR) headsets
  • High density utility kit configuration (15 passengers)
  • Cockpit/cabin separation wall
  • Passenger Address (PA) system
  • Cabinets
  • Multi-purpose cubby
  • Audio/video entertainment systems with LCD monitors
  • VIP interphone system with secure communications
  • Offshore interior
  • SAR interior
  • EMS interiors
  • Law Enforcement interior
  • Corporate/VVIP interior


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