The AW159 is the latest twin-engine multi-role, maritime and utility aircraft developed from the extremely successful AgustaWestland Lynx family of helicopters that has successfully met the needs of many operators for more than thirty years.
Designated the Lynx Wildcat by the UK MOD, the AW159 is the multi-role helicopter chosen by the British Army and Royal Navy to replace the Lynx helicopter and to meet maritime combatant and land utility and reconnaissance requirements and to be delivered to the UK MOD in 2012. Also available to the international marketplace, the AW159 provides a unique and significant upgrade in terms of operational capability when compared to other aircraft in its class. The AW159 is equipped with a comprehensive and highly capable integrated avionics suite that enables advanced navigation, communication, theatre integration and stores management functionality. The fully integrated digital cockpit provides an increased mission capability with a reduction of aircrew workload. The helicopter is equipped with a sophisticated suite of mission sensors, including, Active Electronic Scanned Array (AESA) radar; Active Dipping Sonar (ADS) for the naval variant; Electro Optical Device (EOD) for imaging and target designation; Electronic Support Measures (ESM) and an integrated Defence Aids Suite (DAS). The AW159 is a purpose built military aircraft with a fully marinised airframe that has been designed for all environments, including the harsh sea conditions associated with ship borne operations, and equipped with modern systems designed to provide low crew workload, reliability and ease of maintenance.  With its unmatched agility and ability to rapidly change roles, coupled with the latest avionics, communications and mission suite, the network enabled AW159 provides the user with an advanced day/night all weather capability. The AW159 is a significant force multiplier.
With its multi-role design and unique ability to integrate into the smallest frigates and offshore patrol vessels/corvettes, the AW159 will provide added utility and effect to any maritime operator. Able to operate worldwide in all environments, the AW159 will significantly extend the area capability and operational effect of its host maritime platform. The aircraft has the ability to autonomously detect, identify and engage surface, land and sub-surface targets. Armament options include air to surface missiles, torpedoes, depth charges, air to ground rockets, cannon and heavy machine gun.
The utility version of AW159, in common with the naval version has a fully marinised airframe and provisions for a range of mission and utility equipments which enable a true multi-role capability. With a spacious cabin and two large doors, for easy egress and unloading, the AW159 is capable of carrying and deploying a wide range of troop, equipment or weapon payloads including heavy machine gun and air-to-surface rockets. Exceptional agility enables the aircraft to operate tactically, flying nap of the earth profiles while the proven CTS800 engines provide the AW159 with unrivalled hot and high performance. Additionally, the AW159 offers air manoeuvre for command and control of specialist teams, counter-terrorism tasks, close battle casualty evaluation and additional command and control.

Technical Data

Max Gross Weight 6000 kg 13227 lb

Engine Ratings (2 x turbo shaft engines)
Take-off power (5 min) 2 x 1014 kW 2 x 1361 shp
Max continuous power 2 x 955 kW 2 x 1280 shp
OEI 2 minute rating 1 x 1108 kW 1 x 1484 shp
OEI continuous rating 1 x 1014 kW 1 x 1361 shp

Transmission Ratings
Max continuous power 1604 kW 2151 shp
Intercontingency OEI 938 kW 1258 shp
Max contingency OEI 1016 kW 1363 shp

Fuel Capacity
Standard internal fuel tanks* 997 l 263 USgal

Cockpit / cabin 2 / 6 crashworthy (9 non-crashworthy)

External Dimensions
Length overall 15.24 m  50 ft 00 in
Length overall (MRH folded) 13.49 m 44 ft 03 in
Overall height 3.73 m  12 ft 03 in
Rotor diameter 12.80 m  42 ft 00 in

Performance (ISA, MGW)
VNE (SL) 277 kph 150 kt
Cruise speed (SL - MCP) 264 kph 143 kt
Rate of climb (SL - MCP) 10.1 m/s 1983 ft/min
Hovering IGE 2347 m 7700 ft
Hovering OGE 1487 m 4880 ft
Service Ceiling (density altitude) 4570 m 15000 ft
OEI max service ceiling 1866 m 6125 ft
Maximum range** 555 km 300 nm
Max endurance** 3 hours

* A range of internal auxiliary fuel tanks are also available
** No reserves - @ 6,000 ft


  • Aircrew and passenger crashworthy seating
  • Armoured crew seats and armoured floor
  • Rescue hoist
  • Waterproof floor installation
  • Cargo hook
  • Stretchers
  • Rappelling/ fast roping kit
  • Harpoon decklock
  • Wire strike protection system
  • IR engine exhaust suppression system
  • Four bag emergency flotation system


  • HUMS
  • Electro Optical Device
  • Electronic Support Measures
  • 360 degree AESA surveillance radar
  • Integrated surface Automatic Identification System (AIS)
  • Tactical Data Link
  • Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) Active Dipping Sonar
  • Digital map
  • Defensive Aids Suite


  • Forward firing cannon
  • 7.62/12.7mm pintle mounted machine gun
  • Air-to-surface rockets
  • Air-to-surface missiles
  • Torpedoes
  • Depth charges