The new state-of-the-art 8 tonne class AW189 is designed in answer to the growing market demand for a versatile, affordable, multirole helicopter. Optimised to operate in harsh conditions undertaking long range, deep water missions typical of the Offshore industry, the AW189 combines high performance, competitive operating economics and superior passenger comfort. Exceeding the most recent FAA and EASA Part 29 safety requirements and the stringent safety needs of the Oil and Gas industry, the AW189 is the helicopter of choice for demanding operations.

All Weather Day and Night, VFR/IFR certified, the AW189 will operate seamlessly in the harsh conditions prevalent in Offshore operations. The spacious cabin is configured with 16 seats as standard. Seating options include a high density 18 seat layout or an ultra long range 12 seat configuration. High cruising speed and a very high payload due to a highly efficient rotor system, together with superior O.E.I capability, make the AW189 ideally suited to the safest Offshore operations with the lowest operational costs. Next Generation avionics expands further operational capabilities, contributing to safety by enhancing situational awareness and reducing crew workload.
» SAR 
Long range SAR missions benefit from the superior combination of range and payload available on the AW189. The spacious unobstructed cabin provides ample room to accommodate rescue crew, longitudinal and transversal stretchers and mission consoles.
Ideal for day/night airborne parapublic operations even in harsh conditions, the AW189 may be configured with a wide range of advanced sensors, role and communication equipment. The generous cabin space, excellent accessibility and flexibility in seating configuration together with quickly removable options such as a fast rope system and cargo hook makes the AW189 particularly suited to a variety of special forces and utility operations.
A combination of speed and low internal vibration and noise deliver exceptional passenger comfort. The use of an Auxiliary Power Unit on the ground to provide air conditioning ensures passengers remain comfortable whatever the outside temperature without the need to engage rotors. The finest interiors are available to complete the cabin in the most luxurious manner suited to the VVIP passenger.

Technical Data

Certification category
EASA CS-29/FAR Part 29 Latest Amendments

Weight category
8 tonne class

Power Plant
Two turboshaft General Electric, GE CT7-2E1 with FADEC,
(2000 shp class each), and one APU (60 kW)

Fuel tanks
Offshore Basic Fuel Tank System
Usable capacity: 2063 litres / 545 USGal, corresponding to 1650 kg / 3637 lb (*)
Modular, easily removable Auxiliary Fuel Tanks

Cat. A, PC1 / PC2e Comprehensive weight/temperature envelope for world-wide operations
Cruise speed 145 - 150 kts / 267 km/h – 278 km/h

Accommodation 1 or 2 Pilots + 16 / 18 passengers

Internal dimensions and volumes
Cabin dimensions Width 2.4 m / 7 ft 10 in
Height 1.4 m / 4 ft 07 in
Length 3.4 m / 11 ft 02 in
Main cabin volume 11.2 m3 / 395.5 ft3
Baggage volume 2.4 m3 / 84,7 ft3

External dimensions
Overall length rotors turning (D-value) 17.60 m / 57 ft 09 in

Landing gear
Heavy duty design for all terrain operations

(*) Fuel density: 0.8 kg/lt


  • Air conditioning system
  • Anti / de-icing system
  • Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)
  • Cargo hook kit (2722 kg / 6000 lb)
  • Emergency flotation system
  • External electrical hoist kit (272 kg / 600 lb - single & dual winch systems)
  • Wire strike protection
  • Main cabin bubble window
  • Fast roping kit
  • Auxiliary fuel tanks
  • Pressurised refuelling system
  • External life rafts
  • External search light
  • Cabin mission console


  • 4 Axis autopilot
  • Cockpit voice & flight data recorder
  • FLIR
  • NVG compatible lighting
  • Health and Usage Monitoring System
  • Weather radar / Search radar
  • Emergency locator system
  • Moving Map System
  • Fully integrated avionics system, with four 8” x 10” color active matrix liquid crystal displays (AMLCD)
  • Flight Data monitoring (FDM)
  • SATCOM with flight following
  • V/UHF AM/FM Tactical radio
  • HF radio
  • Direction Finder
  • AIS Naval Transponder


  • EMS Self Contained Equipment
  • MEDEVAC stretcher system
  • Corporate / VIP interior layout
  • Passenger entertainment system
  • Cockpit / Cabin separation wall
  • Cabin Mission Console for SAR / Law Enforcement