The NH90 is the 11 ton class, medium lift, multi-role military helicopter developed from NATO Staff Requirements, the result of an extensive European collaboration programme.
Two main versions are available from the core air vehicle: the TTH, Tactical Transport Helicopter, and the NFH, the naval version.The TTH operates in troop and cargo transport, casualty evacuation, search and rescue (SAR) / combat SAR applications. The spacious unobstructed cabin featuring a rear ramp and the comprehensive inventory of change role equipment allow complete flexibility for a multitude of applications. The NFH is designed primarily for autonomous anti-submarine hunting and control of anti surface unit threat missions. The advanced mission systems integration, a wide variety of sensors, a fully marinised airframe and effective weapons systems ensure the NFH provides unique capabilities to perform in the most demanding shipborne naval warfare missions. Use of advances in safety and crashworthy design, full fly-by-wire controls, composite fuselage and state-of-the-art avionics make the NH90 one of the most advanced military dedicated helicopters on the market today.
The prime naval missions performed by the NH90 are anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare, normally conducted by a crew of 3. If desired, a second console can be installed in the cabin and the crew extended to 4. Complementary missions are troop and logistic transport, search and rescue, vertical replenishment and special operations. The NFH can operate from Frigates, day and night in adverse weather conditions.
The prime missions over the battlefield performed by the NH90 TTH versions are tactical transport of up to 20 fully equipped troops and internal cargo transport (light support vehicle plus 7 troops). Complementary missions are logistic and utility transport, SAR/CSAR, special operations, electronic warfare and airborne command post. The NH90 TTH can operate by day and night in adverse weather conditions and in any climate.

Technical Data

TTH Max Take Off 10600 kg 23369 lb
Max Alternate Gross Weight 11000 kg 24250 lb
Max Useful load 4200  kg 9260  lb
NFH Max Take Off 11000  kg 24250  lb

Pilots/ Passengers 2 + 20

External Dimensions
Length (rotors turning) 19.56 m 64.18 ft
Overall height 5.31 m 17.42 ft
Main rotor diameter 16.30 m 53.48 ft

NH90 General Performance (Basic Aircraft)
Max cruise speed 300 km/h 162 kts
Economical cruise speed 260 km/h 140 kts
Max rate of climb 11.2 m/sec 2200 ft/min
Hover ceiling IGE 3200 m 10500 ft
Hover ceiling OGE 2600 m 8530 ft
Maximum range 982 km 530 nm
Maximum endurance 5 h
Ferry range (with internal aux fuel tanks) 1600 km 864 nm

NH90 Engines (2000 KW class - dual channel FADEC)
Depending on NH90 variant 2 x RTM322-01/9 or 2 x GE T700/T6E1
Enhanced Engine performance in Hot/High 2 x RTM322-01/9A or 2 x GE CT7-8F5


  • Rear ramp
  • Cabin / ramp rolling device
  • Pilot adjustable crashworthy seats
  • Foldable & crashworthy troop seats
  • NATO standard stretchers
  • Cabin comfort seats
  • Soundproofing / upholstery
  • Cockpit Environmental Control System
  • Cargo hook (4000 kg) with dynameter and camera
  • Rescue hoist (single or dual) with 270 kg capability
  • Heavy store carriers (400 or 600 kg capability each)
  • Ice protection system
  • Internal / External auxiliary fuel tanks
  • Search light
  • Fast rope / rappelling system
  • Manual blade & tail folding (automatic in NFH)
  • Cabin armour protection (modular)
  • Pilot armoured seats with lateral protection
  • Infra-Red Suppressor system
  • Wire Strike Protection system
  • In Hover Flight Refueling System (HIFR)


  • Integrated Avionic Structure (Data Bus, Core Avionic and Mission System)
  • Fly-By-Wire control system with 4-axis autopilot
  • V/UHF/HF/Tactical Radios
  • Autonomous Navigation System (Inertial Reference System, GPS, Doppler Radar, Air Data System)
  • Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System
  • Piloting FLIR system (TTH)
  • Helmet Mounted Sight and Display
  • Weather radar (TTH)
  • Digital Map Generator System
  • Emergency locator system
  • Personal locator system
  • Comprehensive protection suite including LWR, MLD, RWR and Chaff & Flares
  • Comprehensive naval systems on NFH: 360° Tactical Radar, Tactical FLIR, Dipping Sonar, Sonobuoys, ESM


  • Internal pintle mounted machine gun (7.62 or 12.7 mm)
  • 20mm cannon in pod