Super Lynx 300

The Super Lynx 300 ASW/ASuW is the latest generation of the would leading multi role, multi mission maritime and utility aircraft from AgustaWestland. The aircraft is an evolution of the highly successful Lynx helicopter that, for more than 40 years has successfully met the demanding operational needs of 15 nations in both the maritime and land environments. This purpose built military aircraft with fully marinised airframe is designed with small ship operations in mind and benefits from a low centre of gravity, Blade and Tail fold together with excellent cross and tail wind operating envelopes. The superb twin LHTEC CTS800 engines provide excellent hot and high performance and single engine capability, these ruggedized characteristics, optimisation for the harsh maritime environmental and ship-borne operations make it the number one choice when operating from small ships where Flight Deck and Hangar space are at a premium. With its fully Night Vision Goggle (NVG) compatible cockpit, integrated avionics suite, and wide selection of optional equipment, the aircraft delivers a day/night, all weather capability for Tactical (Anti Sub-Marine, Anti Surface), Search And Rescue (SAR) or Utility support missions.
With its multi role design, comprehensive avionic and mission sensors, together with its unique ability to operate day or night in adverse weather conditions from corvettes size ships, the Super Lynx 300 ASW/ASuW provides maritime commanders with added capability in all operations. Suitably equipped the SL300 ASW/ASuW is capable of autonomous operation in detecting and prosecuting targets while the range of armaments deployable on the aircraft enables a flexible response to potential threats.
The Super Lynx 300 ASW/ASuW has the capability to operate in the Utility, Reconnaissance and Support roles. Its large cabin and multi-role flexibility offers air mobility for over land and littoral operations, and with a range of role equipment is reconfigurable to respond to changing dynamics in theatre. The Super Lynx 300 ASW/ASuW offers true swing role versatility from casualty evacuation and logistics support through to specialist team insertion and counter-terrorism tasks.

Technical Data

Max take Off (Int. Loads) 5330 kg 11750 lb

Engine Rating (2 x LHTEC CTS800-4N)
Take Off Power 1014 kW 1361 shp

Crew 2/3
Passengers Up to 6

External Dimensions
Overall Length (Rotors turning) 15.24 m  50.0 ft
Overall Height (Rotors turning) 3.67 m  12.0 ft
Rotor Diameter 12.80 m  42.0 ft

Cruise speed 246 km/h 133 kts
Hovering IGE (ISA+20) 3658 m 12001 ft
Hovering OGE (ISA+20) 2636 m 8548 ft
Max Range (sea Level, no reserve, Max stnd Fuel) 564 km 310 nm
Max endurance (sea Level, no reserve, Max stnd Fuel) 3 h 


  • Manual Folding Main Rotor Blades
  • Folding Tail
  • Harpoon deck securing system
  • Four bag emergency flotation system
  • 360° Multi Mode Surveillance Radar
  • Electro-optical Surveillance System (day TV, FLIR, Laser Range finding & designating)
  • Active Dipping Sonar
  • Defensive Aids Suite
  • Electronic Support Measures System
  • Data Link
  • Rescue hoist (Fixed)
  • Waterproof Cabin Floor
  • 4 Man Troop Seat
  • Two Man Bench Seat Fuel Tank
  • 1360kg capacity external cargo hook
  • Search Light


  • Four Integrated Display Units for flight and mission data display
  • Two electronic power system instrument displays
  • Two Standby Flight Instruments
  • Aircraft Management System with Dual Redundant Control Display Navigation Units
  • Data Transfer Module
  • Mil-Std-1553B data bus control
  • Central Warning Panel
  • Comprehensive Communication Suite (V/UHF, HF)
  • Twin Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS)
  • Embedded GPS/Inertial Navigation System
  • Intercommunication system with ship Telebrief capability
  • Cockpit Voice /Flight Data Recorder


  • Anti-ship Missile
  • Torpedo
  • Depth Charges
  • Pintle Mounted 12.7/7.62mm Machine Guns
  • Rockets


Super Lynx 300
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