Quality Requirements for Suppliers

AgustaWestland Quality Requirements for Suppliers document (QRS01) is applicable to all Suppliers when referred to within the Purchase Order/Contract and/or Agreement and  shall be flowed-down to all Sub-tier Suppliers.

All Suppliers must be approved to supply products.

The Aerospace industry has standardised business management requirements.

Aerospace related companies are expected to be registered to EN/AS/JISQ9100 series, as applicable.
AgustaWestland is flowing down this requirement to their Suppliers.

This document is in the same format as the EN/AS/JISQ9100 standard and contains AgustaWestland
specific requirements that are in addition to the standard.

Depending on Supplier Classification, all the requirements of this document shall apply and may be checked and monitored for compliance by AgustaWestland.


QRS01 - Quality Requirements for Suppliers document 


From  1st July 2015 the new revision of Quality Requirements for Suppliers (QRS01 Issue 3) will be applicable to all suppliers:

 New Quality Requirements for Suppliers:  QRS01 Issue 3




The Quality Requirements for Suppliers Associated Documents document (QRS01A) list the Associated Documents to the QRS01 that the Supplier must use based on the nature of the product to be supplied to AgustaWestland.


The QRS01A will be maintained up to date by AgustaWestland Supplier Quality Assurance function.


The Associated Documents are prepared, updated and maintained consistent to the relevant internal procedures of interface by the Supplier Quality Assurance representative, who also defines the template.


QRS01A - Quality Requirements for Suppliers Associated Documents documents


AgustaWestland Associated Documents listed in QRS01A:

QRS100 rev. 3: Digital Manufacturing (DMFG) requirements for subcontract suppliers
SQA35 rev. 2: Digital Manufacturing Supplier Questionnaire
IE/09/018 rev. D: Digital manufacturing guidelines for management of DMFG programs with external suppliers